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Pool Magnet Plus

Pool Magnet Plus

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BioGuard Pool Magnet Plus, the ultimate solution for maintaining a crystal-clear and sparkling swimming pool. Our innovative and powerful formula is specifically designed to eliminate iron, copper, and other metals from your pool water, preventing unsightly stains and scale buildup while ensuring optimal water quality.

BioGuard Pool Magnet Plus features:

  1. Advanced Metal Sequestration Technology: Our cutting-edge formula effectively binds to iron, copper, and other metals, preventing them from causing stains, scale, and discoloration in your pool.

  2. Easy to Use: The convenient liquid format makes it simple to apply, ensuring a hassle-free addition to your pool maintenance routine.

  3. Compatible with Multiple Pool Types: BioGuard Pool Magnet Plus works effectively in all pool types, including chlorine, bromine, ozone, and saltwater systems, making it a versatile and essential pool care product.

  4. Protects Pool Surfaces and Equipment: Regular use of Pool Magnet Plus not only keeps your water clear and clean but also helps prolong the life of your pool surfaces and equipment by preventing metal-induced damage and discoloring.

Invest in BioGuard Pool Magnet Plus today and enjoy a cleaner, clearer, and more visually stunning swimming pool experience. Trust in the power of BioGuard to keep your pool water free of metal contaminants and in pristine condition!

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