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Back Up® 2

Back Up® 2

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BioGuard Back Up is a powerful preventative pool algicide that helps to keep your pool clear and healthy by preventing algae growth before it even starts. With its advanced formula, Back Up effectively stops algae from growing in your pool, ensuring that you'll never have to deal with a full-blown algae problem.

One of the key benefits of Back Up is its long-lasting action. Unlike other preventative algicides on the market, Back Up continues to work for up to 90 days, ensuring that your pool remains algae-free for an extended period. This means less time and effort spent on pool maintenance and more time spent enjoying your pool.

Back Up is also incredibly easy to use. Simply add the recommended amount of Back Up to your pool water, and let it work its magic. Back Up is fast-acting, meaning you'll see results quickly, and it's also compatible with all types of pool surfaces, including vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete.

Overall, BioGuard Back Up is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to keep their pool clear, healthy, and free of algae. With its advanced formula, long-lasting action, and easy-to-use application, Back Up is the perfect solution for pool owners who demand the very best.

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